Hi, my name's Yoshi, and I'm an Adult Avatar of a Second Life Addict (AASLA). I started this blog to give hope to avatars like myself who have suffered abuse from the Second Life Addict (SLA) who raised them.

Even though many avatars have suffered years of online abuse and turmoil caused by the warped minds of their creators, there is hope for Second Life avatars. We can overcome our traumatic pasts and recreate new lives for ourselves. Some of us today are even living serene "Real Lives." We can break from the bondage of suffering by following the very simple 12-step programme of AASLA.

It took months for me to overcome my denial and admit that I was trapped in a co-dependent relationship; that I was at the mercy of my SL creator Mary King, an egocentric, schizotypal geek and writer.

This woman is a total control freak, one who has lost a grip on all realities — real reality, virtual real reality, as well as *virtual reality*. Mary tortured me — body and soul — just for the sake of her writing. She also deludes herself by thinking that she owns everything she creates. Mary's manga collection (below) testifies to some of the dangerous, humiliating and sexually exploitative situations she put me in.

It has taken enormous courage for me to approach Mary over her abuse. We have reached a certain amount of understanding and acceptance. She is presently trying to work through her own issues and addictions to Second Life and Evercrack. Mary has even undergone videogaming detox at a treatment centre in Holland.

Meanwhile, I suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. I regularly have Second Life flashbacks and nightmares, but I have a very empathetic cyberpsychiatrist. Jane, my shrink, is also an avatar. She shares similar issues to many of us in AASLA. Jane was actually forced into child prostitution by her Second Life creator/pimp. She is also a survivor of Second Life Satanic Sexual Abuse and suffers from a multiple personality disorder. Jane takes on regular new personalities because Toru, her yakuza creator/pimp, is threatening to kill her unless she returns to the Land of the Goreans. Toru has actually sold her to the quasi-medieval Kaotian sex-slave cult.

But my own experience of virtual abuse started when Mary became obsessed with creating manga about Second Life. At this time her thirst for power, sado-masochistic sex and excitement became insatiable. This crazy woman was pushing me at all hours of the day and night to live out her fantasies in a virtual world. She relentlessly forced me to undergo the most grotesque and spiritually debilitating ordeals — castration, sex changes, beastiality, homosexual sex, electrocution, among other torments.

It is difficult for me to share what I was subjected to ... view the manga for yourself to get an idea of the sick inner-workings
of this woman's mind.

Initially, the manga was just innocent fun, but ...

Click on the manga to enlarge it

... gradually the storylines became twisted ...

Click on the manga to enlarge it

... until I became nothing more than a toy.

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But every cloud has a silver lining for any avatar that gets a real life!

Turn on your audio speakers for the short film below


Take good care and I'll be back soon with more reports!